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The Éléonore project appeared in an article in Le Droit, announcing a new era in Gatineau's real estate landscape!

Urban Services is honoured to handle the full rental management of the prestigious Éléonore apartments, an architectural gem located in the heart of Hull Island in Gatineau. This residential building, comprised of 242 units and featured in an article in Le Droit on March 17, 2024, offers panoramic views of the Outaouais River and the national capital.

Design and Location

Designed by the developers Oktodev and Endevco, the Éléonore apartments offer breathtaking views of the Outaouais River and the national capital. Just a 10-minute walk from Ottawa, this building stands out for its harmonious blend of comfort, sustainability, and modernity.

Amenities and Services

Each unit is comprehensively equipped, including all appliances, Wi-Fi connection, electricity, heating, and air conditioning. A single bill combines all these services to make life easier for residents.

Common Spaces

Residents can enjoy a rooftop terrace with a pool, a 24-hour accessible gym, well-equipped coworking spaces, and BBQs on the terrace.

Environmental Commitment

Éléonore stands out for its commitment to the environment, offering car-sharing services and a fleet of electric scooters. The project is on track to obtain LEED Habitation certification, attesting to its adherence to sustainability standards.

ÉléonoreXP Application

The ÉléonoreXP application enhances residents’ experience by facilitating access to services and promoting interaction between tenants and managers.

Heritage and Recognition

The project incorporates two heritage homes, reflecting a desire to enrich Gatineau’s heritage and social life. This fusion of traditional and contemporary has been rewarded with a Platinum award at the Grand Prix du Design.

To read the full version of this article published in Le Droit, please refer to the magazine.