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Our highly skilled and experienced team ensures exceptional results and maximum customer satisfaction.


We are committed to understanding the needs of our clients, providing personalized service, and being consistently available.


We push boundaries, bring innovative ideas, and offer unique solutions to tackle the most complex challenges.


We are dedicated to professional ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability.

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Whether you're looking for a cozy studio, a 1-bedroom (3 1/2), a 2-bedroom (4 1/2), or even a 3-bedroom (5 1/2) apartment for rent, we have the perfect accommodation that suits your needs.

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Traditionally, property management was seen as a simple rental service to meet the needs of tenants and property owners.

At Urban Services, we go beyond that by focusing on optimizing real estate portfolios. We work closely with property owners to develop short and long-term strategies to achieve the desired capitalization rate.

We implement tools such as the MLI program offered by CMHC to develop portfolios and establish long-term business relationships. We also utilize new technologies and innovative methods to transform property management into a true return on investment lever for investors in the National Capital Region.

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