Our Services

Real estate management,
at the heart of our passion.

Expertise, innovation, dedication.

Your heritage, our passionate commitment.

For the owners

Maximize the profitability of your assets while eliminating the hassle associated with their management.

We are committed to optimizing your income through our in-depth expertise. Our complete transparency ensures unwavering trust in the management of your heritage.

For the tenants

Our passionate commitment translates into hassle-free management and apartment search for our tenants.

Discover a rental where every detail matters, with service quality at the core of our approach.

Image de boites représentant les services pour les locataires de Urban Services, une entreprise de gestion immobilière basée en Outaouais, plus précisément à Gatineau.

Data management and business intelligence

Our expertise goes beyond traditional real estate management.

With a data-driven approach, we transform information into intelligence, providing our clients with valuable insights to make informed decisions and maximize their real estate investments.

Fast rental

We also offer a rental placement service for all new buildings. Our goal is to assist property owners in quickly filling their buildings. This initiative positively contributes to addressing the current housing crisis by providing fast and efficient solutions.

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We look forward to answering your questions and helping you bring your real estate projects to fruition.