Our mission

The optimization of income properties through in-depth knowledge of the rental market with the help of our technologies to better serve our tenants and owners.


The dynamic team at Urban Tenant Solutions has been investing in the regional market for several years now. The team quickly realized how difficult it was to find local property management companies that we could trust to help us source responsible tenants, and manage our day-to-day operations to maximize our return on investment. The major challenge became finding a local property management company to help us grow our property portfolio, helping us understand the local market. Given the existing gaps, we decided to launch Urban Tenant Solutions, a real estate portfolio management company that meets the needs of regional investors. We provide expertise and innovative services by providing not only the best 24 hour service to our tenants, but also in-depth market knowledge to deliver short-term strategies specific to investors’ needs, with the aim of developing at their portfolios as much as possible.


Traditionally, property management has always been a service offered to “solve” the problems of tenants and lease the buildings as quickly as possible. At Urban Tenant Solutions, we not only provide these services, but we also focus on optimizing our clients real estate portfolios. We work closely with property owners to develop short-term and long-term strategies to achieve the desired capitalization rate using our knowledge of several tools, such as the MLI program, offered by CMHC. We develop the portfolio and a long-term business relationship with our clients. We continue to push the boundaries with new technologies and innovative methods to transform property management from a traditional tenant service to a valuable vehicle for significant return on investment for investors in the National Capital Region.